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Youth Accounts

Available for ages 0-17! We believe that sound money management skills can and should be developed at an early age. From saving for your first bike, to monitoring your spending while following a budget, these skills will pay lifelong dividends.

Save small & dream big with our youth accounts

Available for ages 0-17!

Sprout youth savings account 0-11

Sprout Savings

Growing children into financially successful adults, starts with giving them a little independence with a Sprout Savings Account.

  • For ages 0 through 11
  • Self-titled savings clubs for bikes, etc.
  • Annual birthday greeting & surprise
Thrive teen account age 12-17

Thrive Savings

Teens with earnings from part-time jobs and chores learn responsible banking and the value of saving with a Thrive Savings Account.

Thrive Debit - teen atm debit cards age 12 -17

Thrive Debit

Thrive is a “checkless” teen checking account powered by an ATM/Debit card and awesome eServices.

  • For ages 12 through 17
  • Added safeguards and parental controls
  • Built-in Oops protection

Your youth account includes:

Available for ages 0-17, Midcoast’s Youth Accounts will help your child build sound money management skills that will pay lifelong dividends. It all starts with a $5.00 Deposit!

No monthly service fees

Save small and dream big. Your account will grow right along with you, without any monthly service fees to worry about.

Accessible nationwide

We’ve partnered with over 5,700 credit union locations nationwide (Co-op shared branching) to allow you surcharge-free access to your Midcoast accounts all across the country.

Easy to use, eServices

From a “snapshot” balance display to creating self-titled savings clubs, managing funds couldn’t be easier with eServices.

Additional safeguards

From Oops protection to added parental controls, you can manage your money with confidence.

Youth special purpose savings club account

Save for that new bike with a Youth Special Purpose “Club” Savings Account

The perfect tool for helping kids save up for a specific item or event. With customizable titles, the Youth Special Purpose “Club” Savings Account helps keep kids engaged while working to meet their savings goals.

Youth accounts feature digital banking

Self-manage your money and go digital with your banking!

Interact with us and manage your accounts in all the ways that work best for you. Our Digital Banking platform has the same look, feel, and functionality across all of your devices: computer, tablet and mobile device.

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