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New Cards with New Benefits!

We are pleased to announce the upgrade to our credit card program completed November 13th. This upgrade provides a new look, enhanced security features, seamless integration with your Midcoast account, and other program enhancements.

What You Need to Know:

New Card Design and Card Number: This new card will replace your existing Midcoast FCU credit card. Please activate your new card for use on or after November 13th for uninterrupted service. Please note that your card number has also changed and it will be necessary to update your card information in all third-party applications that you use. will be replaced by Midcoast Digital Banking: Online account access to your Midcoast credit card will now be fully integrated into Midcoast’s digital banking service. Access to eZCard has been discontinued. Card information will now be available in Digital Banking where you will be able to review balance and transactional information, schedule online payments, and view electronic statements (if applicable). If you have not enrolled in our digital banking platform, please visit or download our mobile app.

Credit Card Payments:

  • Credit card payments received between November 7th and November 11th will be posted on November 13th. As an accommodation to our members, late fees for payments received during this time will not be assessed.
  • Effective November 11th, payments can be made in Digital Banking. Payments are applied in real time and will immediately display in your account history.
  • Automatic payments established directly at the Credit Union or by you within eZCard, originating from a Midcoast deposit account will remain in effect. All other automatic payments sourced from external financial institutions will need to be re-established with that provider or through Midcoast’s Digital Banking. Payments made via Midcoast’s Bill Pay or other similar service will need to be updated with your new card number.

Subcriptions and Automatic Recurring Payments:

  • To prevent issues with automatic recurring charges or subscriptions, be sure to update those providers with your new card information for all transactions scheduled to post on or after November 13th.


  • You will continue to receive a credit card statement separate from your Midcoast account statement. Credit card statements will be cut on the 11th of the month with a payment due day on the 6th of each month.
  • If you are currently enrolled in eStatements for your Midcoast account statement, your credit card statement will also default to an electronic delivery. Both statements will be available in Digital Banking under eDocs.
  • Whether or not you are opted in or out of eStatements in eZcard, If you are NOT opted-in to receive eStatements for your Midcoast account statement, you will continue to receive your credit card statement in the mail. You can manage your eStatement delivery preferences in Digital Banking under eDocs

Perks Rewards Will Now Become Local Rewards:

  • If you currently have our PERKS Rewards Credit Card, your reward points will transfer over to your new Local Rewards credit card.
  • uChoose Rewards will take the place of the current ScoreCard Rewards. Current point values, expiration dates, and how reward points are calculated will remain unchanged.
  • Rewards point accruals and redemptions will be unavailable between October 16th and November 13th. Additionally, rewards point balances will not appear on your November statement, however will resume in December.
  • Cardholders currently receiving a promotional rate or benefit, will continue to receive the promotional value on their new credit card until the benefit expires per the terms and conditions of the promotion.

Get Excited for NEW Enhancements:

New Card Numbers

For increased card security, authorized users, primary, and joint cardholders on the same account will be all be provided unique card numbers. New card numbers also provide great opportunity to set up individual alerts, controls, and even spending limits for added protection against fraud.

Real-time Transaction Posting

Enjoy seamless integration with your Midcoast account and view your real-time transactions posting via Midcoast Digital Banking. View cash and direct payment transfers, transaction history, statements, and rewards point balances, all in one place.

Easy Contactless Checkouts!

Enjoy contactless payment technology! Tap your card to make purchases at contactless-enabled payment terminals. Look, Tap, & Go!

contactless pay instructions