Mission & Core Values

Our Mission

Empowering Member and community success through financial education, technology and service excellence.

Our Core Values

Concern for Community

We are part of a community and we will work for its sustainable development through active participation, volunteerism and financial support. We will know our Members personally and treat them and each other with respect and dignity. We will demonstrate empathy for those in need and strive to be an active force in our community.

Commitment to Education

We are committed to educating our Members and ourselves on how to be successful in achieving our financial objectives. We will utilize the tools available to us to instruct our members to be engaged and informed consumers of financial services. We will invest in the professional development of our employees to enhance their value to our Members.

Honesty and Integrity

We will perform our duties with the highest level of honesty and integrity. We will maintain our Members' information with the strictest of confidence and ensure its accuracy and security. We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner and protect and respect our Member's privacy. We will operate with transparency and maintain clear and open lines of communication with our Members and each other.

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