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Go Digital With Your Banking

Our digital banking experience offers enhanced features, heightened security, and optimized ease of use. Available for all devices!

Go Digital With Your Banking

Interact with us and manage your accounts in all the ways that work best for you. Our digital banking platform merged the desktop and mobile banking platforms into one.  This means all of your devices: computer, tablet and mobile phone have the same look, feel, and functionality!  It also provides advanced tools and features for your added convenience. 

Feature Favorites:

Member to Member Transfers: Transfer money with ease between your accounts, to other Midcoast accounts, or to other external accounts you manage.

Quick Balance:  View account balances without fully logging in. This new feature can provide you a quick snapshot view of all your account balances. 

External Account Aggregation: Link your accounts from other financial institutions to manage all of your finances in one safe, secure place! 

Transaction Memos and Categories: Add custom memos to your financial transactions and organize your spending with “bulk edit” to categorize similar purchases and assist with budgeting.

Custom Savings Goals: Set your own savings goals and track your progress. This new feature will calculate how much you need to save to achieve it. 

Financial Wellness Estimator: Predict the future health of your credit score! The Financial Wellness Estimator tool will allow you to see how a new loan or missed payment could potentially impact your credit score. This tool will also help you with your future financial planning!

Custom Alert Notifications: Set your own preferences to receive SMS texts, or emails of balances, automatic deposits, login attempts, and more! 

Review your credit score: With the “SavvyMoney” program, your credit score is just one click away, and after this upgrade, it will be accessible on both your desktop and mobile devices! SavvyMoney allows you to monitor your credit score for FREE and offers tools to help you budget and save.

Password Reset – If you’ve forgotten your password, or locked yourself out, you will be able to reset your password from any device type. 

How can I add the app?   

Download for iPhone

Download for Android