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Fraud Alert – Increased Fraud and Number Spoofing Notification

Increased Fraud and Midcoast FCU Phone Number Spoofing Notification

scam alert
Receiving an unexpected call about fraud on your account from a number that appears to be originating from our credit union, or another institution, can be alarming. But our credit union will NEVER contact you by phone and ask YOU for YOUR account information. Don’t fall victim to a phone spoofing scam! Keep your personal information private. When in doubt, hang up!

When in doubt, don’t give it out!

Be alert! We are seeing an increase of fraud and phishing attempts in our area, along with reports of our MFCU local branch numbers being spoofed by scam artists, aka “bad actors.” A spoofed number is when a “bad actor” pushes a real business’ number (instead of the actual number they are calling from) onto your caller ID display. “Bad actors” use spoofing as a way to misrepresent their identity on calls, text messaging, and even email addresses. 

If you receive a call, text, or email claiming to be from Midcoast FCU, a Fraud Department, or any business entity and the caller is asking YOU to provide or verify your account number, credit card information, pin, or password information, end the communication immediately. This is a fraud attempt. Never provide your personal or account information to anyone!

To validate any request for account information, contact us or the inquiring business directly, with the known contact information you have on file. Do not use the contact information the caller/fraudster provides to you!

If you feel your information has been compromised, or you have received contact from someone claiming to be from Midcoast Federal Credit Union, reach out to us directly by calling 1.877.964.3262 or email Please provide the date, time of the call, and any additional information.