Why Choose Midcoast?

Simplicity is our Model

When you review our menu of products and services it may appear somewhat abbreviated, however it is purposely straightforward. In good New England-fashion, each product serves a particular purpose, with limited fussiness. You will not find products with endless requirements and restrictions. Simple, effective and low cost financial services is our way.

Personalized Service Complemented with Technology

We believe in leveraging technology to empower you to manage your accounts on your schedule. Our online and mobile technology surpasses that of some of the largest national financial institutions. That being said, we understand that when you do contact us, you are seeking to speak to a person, not a computer. We strive to have every call directly answered by a knowledgeable financial services representative.

Our Structure is our Foundation

As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we exist to serve the financial needs of our members. Cooperatives thrive today in many forms, as the model of pooling the collective resources for the benefit of a community just feels right. Like food and child care cooperatives, credit unions are effectively “money cooperatives” and generally provide greater value than for-profit alternatives.

Volunteerism is Alive and Well

We are directed by a volunteer Board of Directors that are elected by the members. Each Credit Union member has equal voting rights. Our Directors are not financially compensated and serve in the best interest of all members. You can have a voice in how we operate and the services that we provide.

Support Local

Being a local financial institution has many positive member benefits. We understand the needs of those that work and live in our communities and tailor our products and services to best fit those needs. We are nimble and responsive to rapidly changing conditions. We are vested in your success, as we all are part of the local economic engine that drives the midcoast region of Maine.

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