3,2,1...VISA Perks Rewards are Going Local!

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Exciting news! Effective on May 1st, members using our VISA Perks credit card will benefit from our enhanced 321 Local Rewards program. Instead of receiving a single reward point for every transaction dollar, cardholders will begin receiving double points for qualifying purchases of gas, groceries, and recurring payments (i.e. automated payments for utilities and insurance premiums). What is most exciting is we will begin rewarding our members for shopping locally with their Perks VISA by providing triple points for dollars spent at participating businesses. "We recognize the value that local, independent businesses provide to mid-coast Maine. They are the life-blood of our economy and give our community its unique character. We wanted to do more to encourage their success by providing incentives for our members’ buying decisions." shares Joe Gervais, President/CEO.

VISA Perks Reward Points will most certainly accrue at a faster rate which cardholders can redeem for merchandise, travel, gift cards, statement credits and even cash. "As the 321 Local Rewards program matures, we will look to expand redemption options to include local businesses." shares Lori Saucier, SVP Marketing/IT. "Our goal is to build an extensive database of participating businesses that will be an online resource for our members to consult before making purchases. We will also introduce additional benefits to participating businesses like business spotlights and advertising/coupon opportunities on Midcoast ATM machines."

To participate in the program, local businesses will only need to complete a short application and confirm their local, independently-owned status. There is no cost to businesses to participate and standard card processing rates will apply. "Businesses are not required to be members of the Credit Union, however this program will provide a great opportunity to share our low cost business services with our local community." adds Debra Madigan, SVP Retail Services. "The Midcoast team will be out engaging our local businesses, encouraging participation."

If you do not currently have a VISA Perks credit card, we encourage you to apply today online, via our mobile application, by phone or in person. If you would like your local business or one that you visit frequently to participate in the 321 Local Rewards program, contact us at info@midcoastfcu.me.



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