Goodbye to Lorraine Corscadden After 25 Years at MFCU

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Lorraine Coscadden
Position: VP of Retail Services
Years of Service: 25
Branch: Bath

After 25 years with Midcoast Federal Credit Union, we are saying farewell to Lorraine Corscadden. Over the years, Lorraine has held a myriad of positions within the Credit Union, including VP of Retail Services in our Edgecomb and Bath branches. As we head into her last week at Midcoast FCU, Lorraine told us about her plans after retirement and favorite memories during her time here.

What will you miss most about working at the credit union?
“On a professional level, I will miss working with our members and helping them manage their finances.  It is always so rewarding to assist our members in purchasing their first new car or new home. On a personal level, I will miss the friends that I have made that are still here and also those have since retired themselves that I keep in touch with. Also too I will miss the entire Midcoast team, especially the Bath staff and those that I worked with in Edgecomb for all those years.”

Do you have a favorite memory from your time at Midcoast FCU?
"To pin it down from 25 years of them is asking a lot, but the outside of the office parties that we had for Christmases and the family picnics we had where we all had so much fun and we got to meet our co-workers in an informal setting and at the picnics meet their families. In fact, one memory would be growing up as a family, I started here in 1993 and my oldest son was still in high school and we all watched each other’s children graduate, get married have children of their own. Now those children are in college or married now."

What do you look forward to most upon your retirement?
"We are relocating to Great Falls, Montana once our home is sold, to be with our two grown sons, my daughter-in-law and most of all my heart, my granddaughter Callie. Quality time with my immediate family is my goal."

Is there anything else you would like to add?
"It is with a heavy heart that I leave my Midcoast Family. I am looking forward to the next chapter in our lives as Stewart and I are anxious to be around our family and see them on a regular basis, rather than just during the holidays. I do know that I am leaving it in good hands, as Liza and Spencer will do an awesome job. I encourage our members to get to know some of the newer faces here at Midcoast.  They are a hardworking and committed group that want to help our members succeed.”


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