PERKS Visa® 321 Local Rewards

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Midcoast PERKS Visa® cardholders will enjoy an enhanced rewards program that will provide greater benefits for certain transaction categories and purchase activity from local participating merchants. Click here to view our business directory.

Member Benefits

How it Works:

Add ImageTriple points for Buying Local!
Midcoast FCU understands the value of a diverse and thriving local economy, which is why we will encourage our members to buy local with their PERKS Visa®. Cardholders will receive triple points (3x) when using their card at local participating merchants.

Add ImageDouble Points* for Gas, Groceries and Recurring Transactions!
PERKS Visa® cardholders will now receive double points (2x) for using their card to purchase gasoline and groceries. Cardholders that use their PERKS Visa® to pay recurring bills (i.e. utilities, insurance payments, online subscriptions) will also earn double points.

*Double points for gas, groceries and recurring transactions are determined by the merchant's category code. Midcoast FCU does not have the ability to alter merchant information and therefore cannot guarantee double points impacted by this coding.

Add ImageSingle Points for everything else!
PERKS Visa® cardholders will continue to earn single points for every dollar spent using the card that doesn't qualify for double or triple points.

Where to Find Details on Points and Purchases:

Points can be redeemed for merchandise, travel services, gift cards, and even cash! Visit for more information.
For a list of local businesses that will earn you triple points, click here! If you shop often at a local business that is not yet participating in the program, let us know by emailing and we will contact them on your behalf.

How do I get my PERKS Visa® Reward Credit Card?

Click here to apply or learn more about our Visa PERKS® Program. We look forward to rewarding you for supporting local businesses!

Business Benefits

I own a Local Business. What is in it for me?

Participation in the 321 Local Rewards Program will demonstrate that your business values a strong, vibrant local economy. Midcoast FCU will maintain and promote a directory of local businesses from which our members will earn triple points, when shopping with their PERKS Visa®. Other future opportunities include local business marketing and coupons at Midcoast FCU ATMs. Our vision is to build a searchable online local business directory, that the entire mid-coast Maine region will use as a resource.

Is there a cost of participate in the program?

There is no cost to a local business wishing to be a part of the 321 Local Rewards Program. Your business is required to accept Visa® credit cards as a form of payment. Standard card interchange rates will apply for qualifying transactions.

Do I or my business need to be a member of Midcoast FCU?

Participating businesses are not required to be members of the Credit Union (though highly encouraged!). An enrollment application is required, confirming that the business meets our definition of a local, independent business.

What are the requirements* and how do I apply?

1. The business must be located in the Maine counties of Androscoggin, Cumberland, Knox, Lincoln or Sagadahoc.
2. The business must be private, worker, community or cooperative owned and not a franchise.
3. The business must be registered in Maine, with no corporate or national headquarters outside of Maine.
4. The owner of majority of owners are Maine residents for at least half of the year.
5. The owner(s) have full-decision-making authority over the business and is not subject to conditions dictated remotely. If there is more than one location, the majority of locations must be located within the State of Maine.

Our PERKS Local 321 Application and Authorization form provides the information needed to participate. Once the application and authorization form is processed, it may take up to 30 days for the business to the active under the program.

Click here for the 321 Local Rewards Application and Authorization form.

*Midcoast FCU reserves the right to decline participation in the 321 Local Rewards Program to any business it seems not appropriate or not meeting the conditions stated above.

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